Looking for a On the Go Reformer Discount Code?

Here at On the Go Reformer, we never go on sale 
Here's why: 
At On the Go Reformer, our goal is to provide affordable high quality pilates reformer machines in the comfort of your own home to EVERYONE all YEAR round. 
  • Authenticity - Being authentic to us means being transparent and finding ways to improve that are in line with our values. 
  • Fairness - We design and produce our reformers to their true value, without the intention it will go on sale. This ensures EVERYONE has access to a FAIR price all YEAR ROUND. Including our suppliers for their immense work ethic in producing beautiful reformers. 
There is nothing worse than getting to the check out and scrambling to find a discount code. Or realising that a product has gone on sale 2 weeks later! Here at On the Go Reformer, you won't feel buyer's remorse. We pride ourselves on producing beautiful, high quality pieces that is an incredible investment in your life.